ATTENTION: ALL DBTC MEMBERS! IT'S TIME---> to start using this new Member benefit: Ride With GPS!

Did you know that all members with Active status can access our new Member benefit, the Ride With GPS Club Account? You'll get access to our Route Library to view route maps, print off cue sheets, and download routes to your mobile device. Note that Ride With GPS has two interfaces: one is an Internet browser and the other is an Android/iPhone app. Using these will be addressed in the following instructions.

QUESTIONS / COMMENTS?? Please contact Marilyn at or John at . We're here to help!


Get Started:

1. Using your desktop, laptop, or tablet (don't use your cellphone yet), go to and set up a Personal (free) account. You'll need your email address and a password.

2. Email a "request for the RWGPS link" to our RWGPS Administrator, Bob Horney:

3. Bob will email the link back to you.

4. Click on the link in your email to access the DBTC Ride With GPS Club Account.


Access the RWGPS Club Account:

1. Sign into your Personal Account and find the DBTC icon on the left-hand side of the homepage, below the "More" icon.

2. Click on the DBTC icon. This brings up the Club Account page with a photo of DBTC members at the top.

3. Below the photo and on the right, click on the orange box "SIGN INTO CLUB". A yellow strip at the top of the same page is displayed. You are in the Club site.


Set Up Your Portable Device:

1. Cellphone users - Search for Ride With GPS App. Follow instructions for your phone type, then INSTALL the App.

2. Garmin users - Please read more in your Personal Account on how to set up your Garmin device.


Access RWGPS Club Route Library on your PC:

1. After you're in the Club account, click on "Route Library". The list of routes is displayed. NOTE: Routes are categorized with this algorithm for distance (mi)/elevation (ft): Easy- 3 = 1-15 mi/1000'; Moderate-5 = 16-39 mi/2000'; Advanced-7 = over 40 mi/2100'+ . Pace is determined by the rider(s).

2. If looking for a particular type of route, you can shorten your search by toggling the distance and/or elevation gain variables, or by typing in a start location (city), all located just above the library list.

3. Select (check box to LEFT of route title) a route and click "View" on RIGHT side of listing.

4. When route map & cues screen appears, you can lick on "More" (top left above route name) to read other options.

5. Try sending the route to your mobile device: Tap the orange box "SEND TO PHONE (or DEVICE)" and follow directions. No need to download to your device unless you plan to use it.

6. To return to Route Library page, use the back arrow or click "ROUTES" on yellow strip.


To Exit DBTC Club site and Personal Account:

1. Below and to the far right of the DBTC members photo, click on "SIGN OUT". The yellow strip disappears. Now click on the upper left-hand corner orange bicyclist image that takes you back to your Personal account homepage.

2. Upper right-hand corner of your homepage, click on the gray bicyclist image for drop-down menu and click "SIGN OUT". This takes you completely out of Ride With GPS website.


From your Personal Account homepage, you can CREATE, EDIT, DELETE your own routes Here are some CREATE A ROUTE tips:

1. Click on "ROUTE PLANNER" tab at top of homepage. This brings up a map; type in a Start Location in the "Enter a location" box, top right page.

2. If you want to create a route containing bicycle-friendly paths, roads, etc., click on "Bike Paths" in the upper right-hand corner of the map. These areas will highlight in green.

3. Also in upper right-hand corner of the map to the right of Bike Paths, you can choose the Map Style. The map comes up in Satellite or Hybrid, but choosing "Map" makes for a simpler 'canvass' unless more detail and definition is needed (then Satellite is good).

4. Far right column: click to: Follow Roads.

5. Optimize for: Cycling (or walking, driving).

6. Click on "Avoid Highways".

7. Lower left-hand corner of screen is "Tip of the Day." Strongly suggest to click on "Learn more" (red letters) and read ALL the tips and watch any You Tube tutorials that are offered. You'll learn lots.


Have fun and keep exploring with RIDE WITH GPS!

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