What to expect on a club ride

Pace of Ride Difficulty of Terrain Mileage Quadrant of City Departure Time

ROSES - Leisurely

H1 - Flat

This is an estimate options may be offered NW Arrive early enough to unload your bike and be ready to leave at the time shown.
FUN or FUN+ Comfortable

H2 Small Hills


INT Brisk

H3 Some Climbs

ROAD Fast H4 Serious Climbs SW

ATB- Unpaved Roads

T1 Beginner to T4 Highly skilled riders
P1 to P4 physical conditioning required

MTB Mountain Bikes
 We try to keep the rating system easy to understand while giving you an accurate idea of what to expect. For example, (FUN-20-H1 vs FUN-20-H3). The H value  doesn't indicate the number of hills, but rather the overall amount of climbing during the ride. A ride along the Platte River Trail is an H1. Up Squaw Pass is an H4.
The ride leader determines the rating so one person's H2 is another's H3. If you are the ride leader, please rate your ride as you think other riders will view the climbs. If you know there is only one long climb, you might give the ride an overall H2, but, for example, mention the climb up Cherry Creek Dam in the description.

An INT H2 is probably more difficult than a FUN H2 since they are appealing to riders with different skill levels. We encourage ride leaders to accurately label their rides. If you think it will be too difficult for a FUN level rider or you want to ride faster than the FUN speed, ask the coordinator to label your ride a FUN/INT or INT rather than FUN. If you want it to be an easy ride, label it LEISURE or LEISURE/FUN.

While those of us who have been riding for years know which trails are gravel and which are paved, new riders are sometimes caught by surprise. We'll try to mention in the description that a ride along the Highline Canal is on pea gravel or if a portion of the ride is on gravel. Ride leaders do their best to write an accurate and complete ride description. However, we encourage you to read the description and call the leader if you have questions. As you become more familiar with the trails you will know what to expect.


 During the spring the FUN rides are usually a little shorter and easier as many of the riders are just getting back into shape. Later in the season speeds may pick up and distances lengthen as the riders' physical conditioning improves. .

For riders, if you are an INT rider on a FUN ride and want to ride faster than the group, let the leader know. If you take off and get lost, they won't come looking for you. If you are a FUN rider on an INT ride, you may not be able to keep up with the group so you may need to take the map and meet the group at the end. The leader and the riders that show up determine the group dynamics. As a result, what started as a FUN ride may turn into an INT ride, or a FUN ride may seem more like a LEISURE ride. Don't be afraid to try something new, just know you may have to be a little more independent.

Most important, enjoy yourself. Sometimes the ride will be exactly what you expected and sometimes it might not meet your expectations. We hope that you'll relax and enjoy all your rides. If you are new, you'll get to know the trails and leaders. Remember, you are always invited to put your own ride together. The Ride Coordinators are glad to help you determine a route, write up your description and provide information about how to lead a ride. Plus, if you lead three rides we will have a gift for you at the end of the season.

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