DBTC Members' Accident Medical Insurance

DBTC has General Liability Insurance provided by the Lexington Insurance Company and Accidental Medical Insurance provided by the Gerber Life Insurance Company, both through the McKay Insurance Agency and the Silent Sports Association. The Accidental Medical Insurance is a supplemental insurance to help with costs not covered by the injured person's own medical insurance, in the event of an accident on a DBTC sponsored activity. These policies cover DBTC rides, xc skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, picnic and meeting activities, organized by and supervised by DBTC.

The insurance is for current DBTC Members only. Memberships must be kept current to keep valid insurance coverage.

It is imperative that all riders sign the sign-in sheet that ride leaders must have on their rides.

When signing in, all participants need to check the column that asks if ‘member’ or not.

In the event of an accident, ride leaders must document any information about the incident, including ride date, time, location, injuries, what happened etc.,  and names and contact info of any witnesses.

Contact the Ride director- RideCoordinator@dbtc.org. as soon as possible after the ride, providing details.

The incident report to the insurance company needs to be prepared and filed by a club officer only.


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