Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Club?

DBTC is open to anyone who in interested in bicycle riding, bicycle safety, or the Club social events. You are welcome to attend one of our events, or come on a ride to meet some members. Click Membership application to go there.

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How hard are the rides?

Formal Ride Difficulty descriptions can be found at Ride Rating System.

Ride ratings from easiest to difficult include Leisure/Roses Rides, Fun/Fun+ Rides, Intermediate Rides, Road Rides, ATB /Unpaved Rides and MTB/Mountain Rides. 

Intermediate rides are usually more difficult than Leisure and Fun rides. ATB and MTB rides can be quite difficult (technical), but this certainly is not always the case.

The ride descriptions in the schedule usually give some indication of the difficulty level of rides.  The ride leader's phone number is listed in the newsletter. If you have any questions about a ride, the ride leaders are always happy to talk to you. If you are worried about too fast a pace, call a Leisure or Fun ride leader.

If the ride sounds OK, give it a try! Leisure and Fun rides try to stay together by having frequent regrouping stops. Leisure and Fun rides typically end with a visit to a restaurant for those who wish to regain their strength through well earned nourishment!

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Do I have to be a DBTC member to go on a ride?

Non members are welcome to try out one of our rides. Because of insurance issues, nonmembers are allowed to join only one ride.  Hopefully after the ride you will get a glimpse of the club and want to join. If you feel that the Club is right for you, joining will bring you invitations to our social events, as well as access to our Meet-Up page and the Club newsletter.  Click Membership application to go there.

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Do I have to wear a helmet on Club rides?


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What if I get a flat on a Club ride?

All cyclists should be prepared for hazards as well as ordinary events on rides. If you are unable to deal with your mechanical problem, others may try to help, but we are not mechanics and you should see your bicycle shop if your bike needs repairs. Suggested items to take with you include:

  • water supply
  • lock and cable
  • money
  • identification and insurance card
  • a tube patch kit and/or a spare tube
  • tire irons
  • a pump
  • snacks for quick energy

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What social activities are available?

The Club recognizes that physical health and fitness go hand in hand with emotional and social well being, and that one promotes the other. To this end, the Club puts emphasis on its social calendar of events. Currently, the Club typically has social events open to all members such as:

  • Spring Kick-Off Picnic
  • Summer Picnic
  • Fall Volunteer Recognition Party
  • Theme rides with special treats such as ice cream, lattes and pies
  • Out of town tours both in Colorado and throughout the U.S.
  • And of course, the rides themselves!

DBTC has many opportunities to serve the Club as a volunteer as various events.  Volunteering puts our members together in a fun, working/social atmosphere. Many members find this interaction personally rewarding.  Often many rides end with either a visit to a restaurant or a picnic for the participants who wish to gather and talk about bicycling, Club politics, or any other subject!

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How do I contact the Club?

The Club Officers' phone numbers and email addresses are here.  Feel free to contact us with your questions.

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How is the Club Run? 

DBTC is a 503(c) 4, not for profit Colorado corporation. The Club has an elected Board to attend to the Club's business.  All Board members are non-paid volunteers and are selected in October elections by the Club membership.  Contact a Board member if you wish to attend a meeting.

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