53 photo(s) Updated on: 05/08/2015
  • DBTC members gather on the afternoon of Saturday, April 11, 2015 for the Pre-Kickoff Intermediate Ride.
  • The Pre-Kickoff Fun Ride participants.
  • On the Platte River Trail
  • Breaktime!
  • The intermediate riders give a big THUMBS UP at the turnaround point at Chatfield Reservoir
  • Heading back to the Kick-off dinner with a dirty camera lens
  • Another break
  • The final leg
  • The venue for the DBTC Kick-off event
  • The event host welcomes the gust speaker.
  • The buffet line kicks off at the Kick-off
  • What a spread!
  • The feast!
  • The guest speaker
  • A presidential speech!
  • Guests were given beads upon arrival!
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